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Accelerate is a 3 month, full-body cleanse program, including a digestive cleanse, kidney & liver cleanse, a heavy metal and parasite cleanse. 


Kicking off with 1 week of prep, followed by 2 plant based & raw food detox weeks, a bonus deep cleanse week, and a 2 month integration and maintenance program (not dietarily strict).

Combined with powerful cleanse supplements & protocols, an online masterclass course in nutrition and cleansing, one-on-one calls, and emotional and spiritual deep dives, this program can change the trajectory of every aspect of your life.

Inside The Cleanse:

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  • Life Cleanse +

  • Premium Heavy Metal & Parasite Detox Supplements

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • Bi-Monthly One-On-One Sessions

  • Goal setting/Mastering Manifestation

  • Emotional Detoxification and Healing

  • Mind Training & Advancing Meditation

  • 2 Month Maintenance Diet Recommendations

  • Expert Speaker Series

  • And More...










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Top Benefits of Accelerate 

Weight Loss

Gut Health

Digestive Issues

Most participants lose weight during this week, averaging from 3-5 pounds.

Clears out buildup and restores microbiome with benefical microorganisms.

Can help reset metabolism, reduce bloating and digestive discomfort.


Mental Clarity

Give the body a rest and support in eliminating harmful toxins.

Reduced brain fog and learn one-of-kind health information and tools.


Spiritual Growth

Life Purpose

Aid in cellular regeneration, skin improvment, autophagy and DNA repair.

Develop and deepen an advanced meditation and spiritual development practie.

Discover & enhance your unique gifts and take action to make them into a career.

Sliced Avocado

I started the cleanse with the intention to reset my gut health and jumpstart a better diet. I had no idea that what I would be receiving was a reset for my whole life!


It’s true that we are what we eat and our outer environment is simply a reflection of our inner environment.


This program is truly life changing! I can’t wait to do it again.

Christine B.

What's in Accelerate

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Digestive Cleanse

& Gut Reset

  • Oxy-Powder (1 bottle), an oxygen-based intestinal cleanser

  • Latero-Flora (1 bottle), a high potency, natural probiotic that strengthens the gut microbiota. 

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Liver & Kidney


  • Liver Health (1 bottle), is an organic, all-natural blend of antioxidant-rich herbs that cleanse the liver of toxins and deposits.

  • Kidney Health (1 bottle), contains nutrients that cleanse the kidneys and encourage normal kidney function. 

  • Organic Olive Oil (1 bottle), olive oil assists the Epsom salt in stimulating and opening up the bile ducts.

  • Turmeric (1 bottle), contains antioxidants that stimulate and protect the liver and immune system.

  • Espom Salt (1 Packet), relaxes and opens up the bile ducts to help release accumulated toxins and deposits. 

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Heavy Metal Detox

  • Heavy Metal & Chemical Cleanse (1 bottle), is a blend of nine well-known, detoxifying ingredients like organic cilantro and parsley so you can eliminate chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals.

  • Detoxadine (1 bottle), is organic, deep-earth-sourced nascent iodine. It helps to displace toxic halogens like fluoride and bromine from the thyroid.

  • Foot Pads (60 pads), are natural and easy-to-use foot patches that promote the natural cleansing of chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals.

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Parastie Cleanse

  • Paratrex (2 bottles), is a blend of all-natural herbs formulated to eliminate harmful organisms and create an environment in your body where they can’t flourish.

  • Oregano Oil (2 bottles), is a pure and potent blend of Mediterranean oregano (Origanum vulgare), olive, peppermint, and cayenne oils to support your immune system.

  • Mycozil (1 bottle), is an all-natural blend of potent herbs and enzymes that stimulate the body’s natural detoxification of yeast and fungal organisms.

  • Latero-Flora (1/2 bottle) is a natural probiotic that strengthens the microbiota in your gut to protect against harmful organisms and support healthy digestion.

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Online Cleanse Course & Live Q&A

  • Nutrition Videos

  • Smoothie Making Class

  • Raw Food Masterclass

  • Meditation Course

  • Live Q&A

  • Habit Breakers

Detailed Instructions & Resources

  • Cleanse Guides

  • Ingredient Guides

  • Recipes & Menu

  • Morning Ritual

  • Group Chat

Accelerate Coaching Program

  • Weekly Group Sessions

  • Bi-Weekly One-On-One Sessions

  • Manifestation & Goal Setting

  • Emotional Detox 

  • Advance Meditation Training

  • Spiritual Exercises

  • Experts Guests Speakers

  • And more...

  • Is the food difficult to prepare?
    Not unless you would like it to be! You can easily thrive on this program with very simple-to-prepare meals. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also make 5-star dishes while still staying on any Cleanse Program. It really comes down to your current level of skill in the kitchen. If you are a newbie, you will want to keep it simple. If you are a stellar home cook, you can make meals that are incredibly gourmet, and ridiculously healthy!
  • How much does the food cost during the cleanses?
    That depends on how fancy you get. Most people find they save a significant amount of money during these programs! If you are on a budget, it’s completely possible to have delicious and filling meals for $5 or less if you prepare them yourself. Obviously, if ordering out, it will cost whatever that establishment charges.
  • How much weight will I lose?
    That depends on how much weight you have to lose. Participants who are very overweight typically lose 5-10 pounds, participants who are slightly overweight typically lose 3-5 pounds, and participants who are not overweight typically lose 1-3 pounds.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We are happy to fully refund you or differ your participation to a later date if you need to cancel before the program begins and/or you have opened any of your supplements. You will need to return any unopened products in order for the refund to be processed. Once you open or use your supplements we are not able to accommodate refunds.
  • Will I be hungry during the cleanse?
    You should not be. This is not a calorie-restrictive program. You can eat as much as you like. As long as you follow the program, you will be full, happy and leaner, all at the same time!
  • Can I buy Juice Dr. juices if I live outside of the Greater Philadelphia Area?
    We do not currently ship our fresh juices outside of the Greater Philadelphia Area. If you live outside of our radius, we will provide guidance on making your own juices, or would be happy to find a local, high quality juice company in your area and recommend what to purchase from them during you cleanse.
  • Can I eat at a restaurant or travel on this program?
    Yes absolutely. We will go over tips for restaurants, travel and parties on the first call, but the short answer is you can eat essentially anywhere while still being on your cleanse!
  • What if I don’t like the food?
    Fear not friends, if you like food, you will like this food. You will still be eating many of your favorite dishes, just with some slight tweaks. Do you like acai bowls? Caesar salad? Chili? Peanut butter cups? Good news, you get to have even tastier versions of those on the programs! You can also purchase these meals pre-made from your local health food eateries if you are not interested or able to prepare the food yourself.
  • Do you make the cleanse supplements in-house?
    We do not. We purchase the supplements from our partners at the amazing Global Healing Institute, who makes what we consider the very best nutraceutical supplements on the market. You can learn more about their products and process here.
  • Will this program work with my busy schedule?
    Yes, there is no one too busy to do these programs. Whether you have kids, work nights or weekends, or are in school full-time, you can do this with ease. We do recommend trying to schedule in an extra 30-60 minutes of “me time” each day during the week, but that is up to you!
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